As Nicolaj Løve Hansen takes over the role of CEO, we take this opportunity to reflect on Fossflakes’ sustainability journey – past, present and future. 


Embracing a strategic approach

Our journey began in 2019, with the intention of effecting real change. We sourced renewable electricity, developed products with regenerated materials and calculated carbon footprints.

But by 2021 we realised that, while these steps were significant, we lacked a comprehensive view of the company’s overall impact within the broader sustainability agenda. This realisation led to a strategic planning process, culminating in a set of objectives and actions that continue to guide us.


Challenges and progress

The formation of a plan didn’t mean our journey would be easy. The programme created additional responsibilities for a leadership team that was already managing a full agenda.

In the early months it was challenging to engage every team member and help them see the value of our sustainability efforts. But as soon as the company created its first sustainability report and won an award for it, the whole team rallied around our shared goals. 

Now in 2023, sustainability is an ingrained factor in decision-making across the business. It has given Fossflakes a narrower frame to work in and enabled us to be more creative in terms of materials and operations. The company is better prepared to face new sustainability challenges and adapt.


Choice of materials

A significant aspect of our sustainability journey has been re-evaluating our use of materials. While our patented filling provides the comfort our customers cherish, we have to address the environmental concerns associated with plastics.

However, an independent analysis delivered an unexpected finding: it was actually cotton that was the number one contributor to our products' carbon footprint. This insight shifted our focus to improving the sustainability of both our filling and our shells. And we soon discovered how little visibility there is in the cotton industry and how long it takes to gather data.


Engaging stakeholders

From day one, transparent and regular communication with stakeholders has been part of our plan. The response has been encouraging: full support from the board of directors, a sense of pride among our employees, and varying degrees of appreciation among our customers.

For some customers, the sustainability focus is expected, while for others it’s a notable feature, and our sustainability reports provide reassurance.


Looking ahead

The company’s sustainability ambitions also played a pivotal role in attracting our new CEO, who shares the board’s vision of developing lower-impact products as a key driver of Fossflakes’ growth.

In the near term, we will continue to gather data and work with partners to improve the environmental and social performance of our products. Longer term, the ambition is to develop a business case for collecting and upcycling worn out products.


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