The Fossflakes filling

Enjoy a naturally better sleep

In April 2019, we tested our house dust mite density products at the Japanese test center Boken. The purpose of the test was to make sure that dust mites cannot penetrate the fabric of our products. When the house dust mites can't get into your pillow or comforter, they can't put their excrement into the product and it therefore remains naturally hypoallergenic. The test showed that no house dust mites can penetrate our products. We can conclude that our pillow and quilt are woven so tightly that they are free of dust mites.

Quiet darkness, cool surrounding and clean air—everything helps you fall asleep and sleep deep all night. But the most important thing is your pillow and duvet. Or rather: the filling. Fossflakes is an exceptional type of filling, created to let the air circulate and ensure that you will never wake up overheated or undercooled, allowing you to sleep undisturbed all night.

Think back; how often do you wake up because you are either freezing or feeling so hot that you throw the duvet off and have to turn the pillow over? Now imagine that you have a duvet and a pillow that allows the air to circulate, letting your body automatically regulate the temperature while you enjoy a well-deserved night’s sleep. All night, every night.

This is how it is to sleep with pillows and duvets filled with the unique Fossflakes.

The best of down and feathers

When we say that there is no filling like Fossflakes, we mean it. We have taken all the best properties from down and feathers and combined them with the benefits of a fibre-inspired product. That is— in our opinion—the recipe for the perfect filling. A unique shortcut to a good night’s sleep.

The Fossflakes flakes are constructed with an arch that matches the one seen naturally on down and feathers. The arch helps to create a natural cavity that contains air and increases the insulation capacity. The air pockets in the design allows the air circulate around your neck and head so you never get overheated.

Wonderful and long-lasting volume

Another essential detail of both our pillows and duvets is the amazing volume. A pillow should support your sleeping position all night without collapsing, and you sleep demonstrably better when your body can actually feel the duvet around it.

Thorough product development has helped to ensure that Fossflakes duvets are light and have weight at the same time, while all our pillows are able to keep their resilient feel longer than both down pillows and other fibre pillows.

It is the air-retaining ability of the Fossflakes that ensures you stable support and weight throughout the night. Even with frequent use and washing, our pillows and duvets will retain their volume—you just need to shake them well regularly. Results from our Japanese test institute show that you can wash our pillows up to 50 times without them becoming flat and flabby.

Lastly, you can enjoy all the wonderful effects no matter what other type of filling the Fossflakes are mixed with, bringing you exceptional support and a naturally tempered sleep no matter which of our products you choose.