The Fossflakes filling

We know – ‘unique’ is a word that is thrown around a lot! However, when it comes to the unique Fossflakes, we actually have a point.

Our patented loose fibre filling is of a quality and shape you won’t find anywhere else, which is why Fossflakes filling offers a unique combination of properties.

The filling is primarily made of polyethylene, a durable and breathable form of plastic with small pores in the surface that allow air to pass through. That’s why it’s possible to stay cool under a duvet with Fossflakes filling. The filling of both our duvets and pillows consists of 70% patented Fossflakes flakes mixed with 30% polyester fibre balls.

The arch construction of the flakes doesn’t just help to ensure good air circulation – the design is also key to the Fossflakes cushions’ ability to provide stable and ergonomically correct support over time. This applies to both our regular pillows and our support pillows. This is because the curved shape is incredibly stable, ensuring that the cushions retain their volume and firmness longer before collapsing – and if they do collapse, they can easily be shaken back into a plump and supportive shape.