Mid-year sustainability update 2022


It’s now a year since Fossflakes officially launched its corporate sustainability programme and we’re delighted by how positively it’s been received by customers and the wider community.

This year we’re making progress and here are some of the highlights so far:

Carbon footprint

Our highest priority is to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and operations. For this reason, we’ve produced corporate climate accounts for 2021 and an environmental assessment of our top-selling pillow. These reports guide our reduction strategy and provide a baseline for measuring our progress.


Reducing air freight

In 2022 we aim to virtually eliminate air freight and we’re pleased to report that so far, we’ve used air freight only once - a small shipment to a new customer. Other than that, we have used only sea and road, and we plan to keep up the record.


Measuring our performance

To ensure we can monitor and report our sustainability performance, we’ve developed KPIs for each of the four pillars of our programme. We are currently upgrading our ERP system to ensure it supports the KPIs.


Career development opportunities

One of our social goals is to enhance employees’ career opportunities. This year, we provided management training to a member of staff, and she has since been promoted to production team manager. We also supported the upskilling of two further employees who are now proud holders of forklift truck driver’s licenses.


Praise for our sustainability report

Hopefully you saw our sustainability report. We’re grateful to FSR Danish Auditors and Global Compact Network Denmark, the country’s largest network for responsible business, for voting it one of the best by a Danish SME. They commended its openness and fullness, and we will certainly aim to maintain a high level of transparency.


Inspiring others

Copenhagen Business School also noticed our sustainability activities. The university’s Executive Foundation invited me to tell the Fossflakes sustainability story to business leaders at an event this November. I look forward to the dialogue and hope to help convince others to act.


Next report in spring 2023

I hope this update provides you with a glimpse into our progress. We’ll provide a full update on all our environmental and social activities in our 2022 sustainability report, which will be released in early spring next year.


For now, if you have any questions or feedback, I’d be happy to hear from you.


Yours sincerely,


Adam Foss

CEO, Fossflakes