We’ve been working with sustainability systematically since 2021. Choose Fossflakes and help the shift towards lower impact materials and production, ethical conduct in the supply chain, and an attractive workplace for our employees.


Here are some of the highlights of our journey so far.


Environmental progress


  1.  Better CottonTM: Transitioning to Better Cotton to reduce use of water and artificial pesticides and fertilisers
  2. 100% renewable electricity: Factory runs exclusively on certified wind power
  3. 25% heat saving: Lower use of natural gas since 2021
  4. Only 1.5% waste: 98.5% of production materials go into final products
  5. Zero waste to landfill: We recycle 59% of our waste, with 41% incinerated and turned into energy
  6. 94% ocean transport: Almost all materials reach us by sea, the mode with the lowest climate impact
  7. No tumble dry needed: Our products air-dry perfectly, saving you money


Social & ethical progress


  1. Safe products: All our products are certified harmless to human health by Oeko-Tex
  2. 100% animal-free: Entire product range is free from animal-derived materials
  3. Happy employees: Survey shows high satisfaction with Fossflakes as a workplace
  4. 9% workforce inclusion: We employ individuals with diverse abilities
  5. 25% more training: Increased employee training compared to 2022
  6. Universal healthcare: Medical insurance is provided to all our employees
  7. 100% supplier audit: All cotton shell suppliers meet BSCI standards for satisfactory working conditions

What’s next in the journey?

Explore our sustainability programme