When you buy Fossflakes products today, your purchase comes with a number of sustainability-related advantages:



  • Renewable energy: Factory runs on 100% renewable electricity
  • Low waste: 98.6% of materials end up in finished products
  • Harmless: All products use Oeko-Tex 100 cotton, which is certified free from hazardous chemicals and harmless for human health
  • Easy maintenance: Wash and hang up to dry – no need to tumble
  • Secure: Very little environmental risk of microplastics due to filtering during production & tight weave of cotton


Social & ethical

  • Employee satisfaction: 92% annual employee retention 
  • Safety: Excellent manufacturing safety record - no serious accidents
  • Care: Medical insurance for all employees
  • Inclusion: 10% of employees have limited ability to work
  • Animal-free: Zero animal content in products


Apart from that, your purchase also supports our ongoing investment in sustainability so that we can deliver even more environmental and social advantages in the future.


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