Our products are made from cotton, polyester and polyethylene and these materials, combined with packaging, represent Fossflakes’ biggest sustainability impact.

Finding ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our products while retaining their durability, warmth and comfort is at the heart of our sustainability efforts.


Focus areas

  • Reduce the impact of our products by exploring different solutions from new materials to new business models
  • Finding solutions for product ‘end-of-life’ management – first and foremost by exploring options with our largest retail customers
  • Rethink our packaging solutions to reduce packaging materials and allow for a wider customer choice regarding packaging


Goals for 2024

  • Strong offering of new products based on more sustainable raw materials without losing the product’s key attributes
  • Creating the lowest carbon footprint products in our category of the market – documented
  • Offering clever and flexible packaging solutions – fossil free


Progess in 2022

  • Decided to introduce cotton sourced from Better Cotton farmers, who are trained to use less water, synthetic pesticides and fertiliser 
  • Planned to switch our polypropylene sales packaging to recycled material 
  • Established a task force and roadmap for further product and business model development
  • Made an environmental assessment of our top-selling product to guide our reduction strategy and provide a baseline for measuring our progress
  • Upgraded our ERP system to ensure it supports the tracking of sustainability performance metrics


For more about our actions and progress on this topic, download our 2022 sustainability report. 

Fossflakes Sustainability Report 2022


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