Nordic Sleep

The four seasons taught us how to help the world sleep soundly

Scandinavians want a lot from life. We want simplicity, beauty and comfort, at night as well as during the day, and we are continually working to develop and perfect this lifestyle. It has meant adapting to the Northern climate in all its awesome variations - even sleep follows the seasons in the Nordic countries.

Fossflakes has turned this Nordic Sleep expertise into the fine art of helping you sleep well in any and all climates the world over. Four glorious seasons in all their variations means glittering frost, cloudless skies and heat waves, high humidity, no humidity, the warming up and cooling down of temperate seasons,soft spring, crisp autumn, rainfall and pressures high and low… We at Fossflakes, meet all these challenges to bring you comfort and ease whatever your needs with a large range of products designed and precision engineered for your very own Nordic Sleep.