Our production takes place at a rented 6,000 square metre facility in Skive, Denmark. Production has a relatively low environmental impact compared to the footprint of our materials.

During production we use electricity and a little water. Therefore, the main footprints of our operations are electricity and heating, the transportation of raw materials and final goods, as well as waste in the factory.

We aim to make reductions in all areas and have asked our employees to contribute their ideas.

The electricity we use in production is certified CO2 neutral and from renewable sources. Our production has high resource efficiency with 98.5% of materials ending in finished goods. We have also eliminated the waste of packing materials from our suppliers – these are now recycled.


Focus areas

  • Do our utmost to run our operations energy-efficiently and solely on renewable energy
  • Minimise waste of materials in the production process
  • Address transportation and business travel impacts by making more environmentally friendly choices


Goals for 2024

  • 100% renewable electricity and heating
  • Zero production waste to landfill
  • Working only with the most environmentally friendly transportation companies


Progress in 2023

  • Production waste of only 1.5%
  • Heat saving initiatives enabled us to cut our use of natural gas by 25%  compared to 2021
    Started tracking greenhouse gas emissions from transportation

For more about our actions and progress on this topic, download our 2023 sustainability report. 


Fossflakes Sustainability Report 2023


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