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Linen cushion 60x80 Sea wheat

Linen – sustainable and natural ‘hygge’
Reading to the children, a first kiss, movie night with the family, chatting with your girlfriends on the sofa. Cushions are a natural part of many of life’s best moments, which is why Fossflakes has created cushions that are crafted from the finest material that nature has to offer: Linen. Cool in summer, warm in winter – and a delight to the eye all year round.
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Fossflakes linen cushions – nature’s own hygge-maker

The Fossflakes cushion collection combines natural linen with our own unique filling – creating the perfect cushion for your next moment of hygge. Sustainable cover with a firm and supportive filling.

The linen fabric is produced in Lithuania, which has a proud tradition of growing and processing some of the world’s best linen. Linen is woven from the fibres of flax plants, which have the most beautiful blue flowers and do not need watering – making linen a naturally sustainable fabric.

The linen fibres are hollow, and this is what allows the fabric to keep you cool in the summer heat and warm when the wind blows in winter. The linen cushions are available in five colours, all of which harmonise with Nordic interior design and the colours of nature.

Choose one colour or mix and match to create your own personalised look – inspired by the changing seasons, nature and your own surroundings.

What you get with Fossflakes linen cushions:

# A complete set with a 100% linen cover and Fossflakes’ own insert cushion

# Our unique filling with 70% Fossflakes and 30% polyester ball fibre

# A cover made from sustainable Lithuanian linen with a zip closure

# Hypoallergenic materials

# Animal-free materials

# A Danish-produced insert cushion that is easy to wash and dry

# 5 different colours to choose from (Sky, Stripe, Sand, Moss and Sea Wheat)

# 3 different sizes (50 x 50 cm, 50 x 70 cm and 60 x 80 cm)