How Fossflakes Balance makes your sleep more sustainable

At Fossflakes, our mission has always been to give you the best sleep so that you can recharge to live your best life. But a good life is also about how we impact the environment – not least when we produce pillows and duvets with fibre fillings.

Over the years, we have therefore dreamt of being able to fill our duvets and pillows with a more sustainable material which still ensures you the same good night's sleep that you are familiar with from Fossflakes. 

The result is Fossflakes Balance – a good night's sleep with respect for the planet we live on. The two pillows and duvets in the Balance collection have been created from 66% environmentally friendly materials, and we are naturally working to reach the 100% mark.

Sugar cane and sleep

Our unique Fossflakes are made from polyethylene, the conventional form of which is created from fossil-based raw materials which are harmful to the environment. But a sustainable alternative has now been developed, made from plant-based fibres from sugar cane.
Based on the new material, we have tested our way to a more environmentally friendly mixture of fillings that keeps its shape and volume all night. 

We call it Fossflakes Bio, and it is made from 52% sustainable plant-based polyethylene. The filling in the Balance collection therefore consists of 60% Fossflakes Bio and 40% regenerated polyester fibres. 

Fossflakes Balance – a more sustainable life cycle

It’s not just the filling in your new Balance products that is more environmentally friendly – from raw materials to disposal, the imprint our pillows and duvets leave on the planet has been fully thought through. This is how:

Raw materials

The combination of sugar-cane-based plastics with recycled fibres means less oil consumption and, at the same time, the organic cover ensures fewer pesticides in cotton production. The fibre filling is also an obvious choice for those of you who care about animal welfare or are vegan – or who need an allergy-friendly alternative to down.


Endless green promises don’t mean a thing if the products are born in a black factory which runs on disorganised labour and zero rules. All Fossflakes' products are produced in Denmark – at the factory in Skive, which of course meets all applicable requirements and regulations, and which is also subject to ongoing inspections. 


The environment is being put under huge strain by the world's overproduction. That’s why we make sure to train our salespeople thoroughly so that they can give you the best possible guidance when you want to buy a new duvet and pillow. This reduces the risk of mistaken purchases – and thus also the risk of the product simply being discarded. 


Our buy-and-throw-away culture is one of the most climate-damaging things there is. Fortunately, your Fossflakes duvets and pillows are born with an extremely long life. The fibre filling keeps its shape and ability to support you longer than down, for example, and all our products are easy to wash and dry. 


How you say goodbye to your pillow or duvet from Fossflakes also has a big impact on the climate. Fossflakes’ product instructions therefore always include instructions for disposing of your duvet or pillow. Correct processing of waste helps reduce the CO2 load on the environment.