Hypoallergenic products

Do you dream of sleeping under a light, fluffy down duvet, but you have a dust mite allergy? Want to make sure your little ones don’t develop allergies? Or do you just want an easy way to keep your duvets and pillows clean and free from dust mites, which often live in the bedroom? Then choose Fossflakes’ pillows and duvets. They are inherently hypoallergenic and it’s super easy to keep them clean and dust mite-free!

Runny nose and eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing and dry skin or eczema – all are symptoms of a house dust mite allergy. Many of us suffer from some or all of these symptoms, but the good news is that there are a number of things you can do to get rid of them.


Why dust mites cause allergies

Dust mite allergies in humans have two main causes: enzymes in dust mite feces and the remains of dead mites. Both are micro elements and therefore difficult to eliminate. And both are found in our duvets and pillows.

Dust mites are tiny organisms that feed primarily on skin scales, which is why dust mites are found mainly in the bed in your bedroom. 


It’s about moisture, not dust

It's a myth that it's all about the dust in your home – it's indoor humidity that determines how quickly dust mites multiply. 

The ideal conditions for dust mites are a temperature between 17°C and 32°C and a relative humidity between 55% and 75%. Dust mites absorb moisture through their skin, so if humidity is low, they dry out and die. A warm, dry room is the worst thing for dust mites.

So if you can keep indoor humidity below 45% in the winter, you can significantly reduce the number of dust mites and prevent the symptoms of dust mite allergies.

Here in Denmark, it’s easy to reduce indoor humidity during the coldest months by ventilating and turning up the heat. Ventilating in the summer is also important, but it can be almost impossible to get the humidity below what it is outdoors, usually between 60% and 80%.


The easiest way to achieve dust mite-free duvets and pillows 

Dust mites will also perish when the temperature rises above 55°C. So to get rid of dust mites, you should wash your duvets and pillows at 60°C and allow them to dry completely. The slightest bit of moisture is a feast for dust mites. 

However, the easiest and quickest thing you can do is to replace your down duvets and pillows with fiber fill alternatives. All Fossflakes’ duvets and pillows have a fiber fill that feels like down and can easily be shaken fluffy and plump again – the big difference being that you can wash them in your own washing machine and air dry them or put them in the dryer. Simply dry them at a low heat – no need to use dryer balls or shake them out during the drying process. 


Five more things you can do

1. Wait to make the bed so the moisture from the night can evaporate. 

2. Opt for a mattress on legs or make sure it rests on a slatted base. This allows air to circulate, allowing moisture and perspiration to escape.

3. In general, fit out bedrooms to make surfaces easy to clean: that means smooth floors, plenty of space between furniture and storage in cupboards, drawers and boxes with lids.

4. If you like rugs, choose those that can be washed at 60°C.

5. Do your kids love stuffed toys? Only buy those that can be washed at 60°C and wash them regularly.