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Fossflakes Tummytime

A wonderful, multifunctional cushion
The filling and fabric are of the same high quality as our other products, and all products are Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified.
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Fossflakes TummyTime is a light and flexible support cushion that you can use in many places inside and outside the home. The small cushion is 69x33 cm and shaped in an arc that, among other things, can be used to support your neck, back and lumbar area.

How to use TummyTime: The pillow is a multifunctional cushion and can, for instance, be used as a support cushion for the neck when driving a car or when watching TV on the sofa. Furthermore, it can be used to relieve your arms and shoulders during office work, during handiwork and while using a phone or a tablet. The cushion can also be used to support your back when you sit in a soft chair or under your legs when you rest or sleep.

The cushion is a discontinued Fossflakes item, and you can therefore get it at a favourable price.

The pillowcase for TummyTime is not included, but the cushion is easy to wash in the washing machine, and it can withstand tumble-drying afterwards. You can fluff the cushion so that it retains its volume for a long time.