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Fossflakes Sidewayz JR

The perfect pillow for those who sleep on their side
The Sidewayz pillow will make it easier for you to find a comfortable position – all night long. When you lie on the pillow, the ergonomic L-shape will support your head, shoulders and neck. Sold without pillowcase.
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Fossflakes Sidewayz is a discontinued version of our Fossflakes Sidesleeper. The pillow is a little smaller than our normal SideSleeper pillow and is therefore good for you who prefer a lower pillow. Pillowcase for Sidewayz is not included.

How to use the pillow: If you like sleeping on your side, Fossflakes’ Sidewayz can give you the extra support you need. The pillow’s curve and ergonomic L-shape supports your head, your shoulders and your neck. It reduces discomfort in the neck and upper back, while at the same time ensuring that the neck and upper spine form a straight line.

Position your head so that the “long pillow leg” forms a straight line from the back of your head to your upper back. This position helps you maintain the natural line between your neck and spine when sleeping on your side.

The filling mixture consists of fine, small hypoallergenic Fossflakes Essentials and polyester ball fibres that make the pillow light and malleable.

Size: 69 x 58 x 30 cm