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Fossflakes Junior Summer Duvet

Care and comfort for Junior

Sleep is important to children's growth, learning abilities and energy to play. The Fossflakes Duvet is the perfect duvet for support, comfort and care during dream-filled nights. 

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Children’s sleep is important for their growth, learning abilities and energy to play. Older children need a larger duvet to keep warm and a pillow to cuddle and to provide the best support for the child’s head and neck for a good night sleep.

The Fossflakes filling material feels naturally soft, but supportive and keep its volume longer.

Fossflakes Duvets for Juniors are hypoallergenic and machine washable at 60° C, making them easy to keep clean and free of dust mites. They retain their suppleness and volume, even after frequent washing and usage. Easy to fluff back into shape.

The Fossflakes filling

The filling in the Fossflakes products is a unique blend of 70% of the finest Fossflakes Essential (polyethylene) and 30% Fossflakes Clusters (polyester fibers). Because of its unique characteristic ability to trap air between the flakes, Fossflakes filling material will never flatten or lose its resilience. Even after frequent usage or washing Fossflakes products will retain their loft with just the occasional fluffing.

More on the unique Fossflakes filling


All Fossflakes products are tested and certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Oeko-Tex is the global benchmark standard for textile goods manufactured without harmful substances and in accordance with good environmental practice.

Certificate number: ZHHO 094172 TESTEX. 

More on the Oeko-Tex certificate


Det er nemt at vedligeholde Fossflakes Superior dynens gode egenskaber. Ryst nemt dynen op for at bevare dens volumen. 

Maskinvask ved 60°C og tør gerne dynen i tørretumbleren ved svag varme (max. 60°C). Fjern dynen, så snart maskinens tørringscyklus er færdig. Undgå brug af skyllemiddel og vaskemiddel med enzymer til vask af Fossflakes dyner, da det kan forringe fyldets egenskaber. 

Fyldet fordeler sig jævnt og klumper ikke selv efter hyppig vask.