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Fossflakes Comfort-U Junior

Peace and comfort for the smaller ones

Sometimes the body needs a rest and it is important that we listen and provide the recovery needed. With Fossflakes Comfort-U JR you can support your body while giving it a rest.

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Comfort-U is a positioning pillow that helps you find the optimal sleeping position. Many of us toss and turn during the night, and it can be painful for our joints and muscles. However, this pillow ensures that you lie stably and that you are supported in the correct position throughout the night.

The U-shape makes the support pillow versatile and helps to support and stretch the whole body, so that the joints and muscles experience deep relaxation.

Fossflakes’ Comfort-U Junior is perfect for the little ones who want to explore the world from a safe place. It is a nice and soft pillow – perfect for the quiet moments between rough-and-tumble play and activities.

The pillow can be used in front of the TV, with a book, for the afternoon nap and in the late-night hours, where extra care is needed.

The pillow is 112 cm long and 78 cm wide. The thickness of the legs is 21 cm.