Answers to the most common questions

Q What is the difference between the Balance products and your other pillows and duvets?

A: The biggest differences are the casing and the filling. The Balance products have casings made from 100% organic cotton, while the casings of our other products are conventional cotton. But both types of casing are in high-quality cottons with a high thread count, which means the fabric is both soft and strong. This helps make all Fossflakes' products extra durable. 

The filling in the Balance duvets and pillows is more sustainable than that in our other products, but it shares the same unique properties and benefits. The filling is breathable, airy and supportive, while the products are easy to keep clean and fresh. 

Q I have an allergy – can I use your Balance pillows and duvets?

A: Yes, you can. Fossflakes was created with you in mind – both the Balance collection and all the other members of the Fossflakes family. The fibre filling is allergy-friendly, and all our products are Oeko-tex-certified, which means they are safe for the whole family.

Q What are the pillows and duvets in the Balance collection made of?

A: Our Balance pillows and duvets are made with organic cotton covers and environmentally friendly filling. The covers are made of 100% organic cotton, while the fillings consist of 40% regenerated fibre (post-consumer waste) and 60% polyethylene. This is a new type of polyethylene that is partly made from plant-based raw materials (52%). This also means that we are still working on improving the filling so that it can get even more environmentally friendly.

Q How can pillows and duvets be environmentally friendly?

A: They are environmentally friendly thanks to the materials they are made from and the production methods we use at the factory in Skive. In order for our cotton casings to be approved as organic, the whole cotton production and all its processes must satisfy laws and requirements – right from the stage of growing the organic cotton. There are also strict requirements for the production of the plant-based material that is included in the filling. These include the prohibition of the use of environmentally harmful and hazardous chemicals, as well as the limited use of artificial fertilisers and minimised consumption of natural resources.

Q How can your products be environmentally friendly when there is plastic in them?

A: It is true that plastics are traditionally made from oil, but we only use recycled polyester fibres in the production of the Balance products. This means we use materials that have already been produced and used, and which would otherwise have been destroyed. In this way, the products help reduce the amount of new polyester produced. Plant-based polyethylene is also part of the filling, which means that the products help reduce the consumption of oil-based raw materials. In this way, we take care of nature and our natural resources.

Q I read that the Balance collection is environmentally friendly. Can I wash the products in the washing machine to avoid going to the dry cleaner?

A: Yes, just like our regular Fossflakes pillows and duvets, you can easily wash and dry your Balance duvets and pillows. After a wash at 60 degrees and a spin through the dryer on a gentle programme, they will be like new again. You can also air-dry both the duvet and pillow if you do not have a dryer. 

Q Are Balance products biodegradable?

A: No, they are not – because of the content of regenerated polyester and polyethylene fibres. You should therefore dispose of them responsibly when it is time for a new duvet or pillow. And responsibly means not in nature or in your own rubbish bin. You should deliver duvets and pillows to a recycling centre. It varies from municipality to municipality which container they should go in – the staff at the recycling centre can help you with that.

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