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Fossflakes Balance Pillow Medium High

Sustainable support for people who sleep on their side – and for nature

When you sleep on your side, you need a pillow that provides stable support throughout the night – but nature needs a loving hand too. Fossflakes Balance High takes care of that while you recharge for tomorrow.

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Fossflakes Balance Pude Medium High

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A sustainable pillow – in two ways

Night is nature's medicine for a day full of impressions, adventures, experiences and worries: with your head on the pillow, you can rest your mind and recharge for tomorrow. But that requires a pillow which is high and stable enough to support you all night – especially if you prefer to sleep on your side. With Fossflakes Balance High, you get the right pillow – which is also the more environmentally friendly choice.

Firm but comfortable support is created for people who sleep on their side, as the pillow supports the head and neck and, at the same time, provides room for the shoulders – the recipe for a deep, undisturbed sleep. At the same time, the pillow’s cover and the filling, which is made from i.a. bioplastics and regenerated fibres, have less of an impact on the environment. The organic cotton cover is made without the use of artificial fertilisers and toxic pesticides, while the filling saves nature from fossil-heavy new production.

You get a vegan and allergy-friendly pillow that is actually similar to a down pillow, because you can shake the pillow to fluff it up again if it gets a little tired. The pillow also has air pockets which make it airy and breathable and ensure you a cool night's sleep. All year round.

You get that with Fossflakes Balance Medium-High:

# The perfect pillow for those of you who sleep on your side

# Our unique Balance filling with 40% regenerated polyester fibres and 60% Fossflakes Bio, made from 52% sustainable polyethylene created from sugar cane

# Pillow cover in 100% organic cotton from our GOTS-certified supplier

# Allergy-friendly materials

# Free from animal materials

# A Danish-produced pillow that you can easily wash and dry

# Two different sizes (60x63, 50x60) 


All Fossflakes products are tested and certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Oeko-Tex is the global benchmark standard for textile goods manufactured without harmful substances and in accordance with good environmental practice.

Certificate number: ZHHO 094172 TESTEX. 

More on the Oeko-Tex certificate


Care & Maintenance

The Fossflakes Pillow is easy to maintain and fluff back into shape. Machine wash at 60°C and tumble-dry at a low setting <60°C.

Remove your pillow promptly after the tumble dry cycle completes. Avoid fabric softener and enzyme based detergents when washing Fossflakes product as these may compromise the properties of the filling.

Can be tumbled on a wool or silk program. Does not withstand high heat. If you are unsure whether your machine can withstand the heat levels we suggest that you air dry your pillow instead.