As a professionally run business, it is important for Fossflakes to create a work environment that attracts and retains motivated and skilled employees – our most valuable assets. Fortunately, we enjoy long employee tenure of 5.5 years on average and low turnover of just 8%.

As we set out to grow the business, we need to be more structured in our approach to competence development, diversity, inclusion, well-being at work, as well as health & safety.


Focus areas

  • Continue the development of an inclusive and attractive workplace as we grow
  • Create career options and development opportunities for employees
  • Maintain the record on health & safety
  • Focus on well-being


Goals for 2024

  • Be well known locally as an attractive place to work
  • To provide an attractive, safe and meaningful workplace for our employees – with no work-related accidents
  • To be a diverse, equal opportunity employer – going an extra mile to give people outside the labour market another chance
  • Ensure good opportunities for career development


Progress in 2022

  • Formalised our employee competence development policy 
  • Supported employee requests for leadership training and forklift training 
  • Prioritised female applicants for open senior management position
  • Employed 10% non-Danes and 8% with limited ability to work (‘Flexjob’ employees)
  • Agreed to involve more employees in the sustainability programme
  • No serious accidents - two minor incidents resulting in improved training and signage
  • Two-page feature article on Fossflakes in local newspaper


For more about our actions and progress on this topic, download our 2022 sustainability report. 

Fossflakes Sustainability Report 2022